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1.Inspired by a shoemaking community

At Treec we inspire conscious fashion using using cork as main material for shoe creations.

“It all started in S. João da Madeira, a small town near Porto, north of Portugal, worldwide recognized to be home of top quality shoe making. Me and my brother Filipe inherited all the shoemaking knowledge and interest of our community – but we wanted to do it slighty different” – R. Silva (co-founder)

2. Do different. Why and how?

Why? We want to cause impact so we decided it was time to build a better future for us and our people. How? We know how to make shoes, so we started crafting footwear made with the help of our local community members and using sustainable materials with signature “made in Portugal.

making kid shoe



Cactus leather shoes green colour

vegan leathers

soles made with cork

upcycling materials

About our shoes

Signature "made in Portugal"

Manufacturing in Portugal where high standards of comfort, quality and functionality are met.  Crafted by experienced shoe makers from our community in north of Portugal.  Made with care – made to last.

certified materials

We proudly use the best materials in the market. The cork leather is certified with the Cork Mark Label® and sourced in Portugal. The eco-friendly fabrics are certified either with the
Global Organic Textile Standard International or with Global Recycled Standard.

Tested to the limits

All of our shoes are tested to the limits in  the Portuguese Shoe Tech Center of S. João da Madeira. Performing this tests guarantees we follow the European EN 13520 standards and provide our customers a product they can trust and will meet high standards of confort and durability.


making kid shoe

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