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Promotional footweaR



custom company shoes

made for brand image. A premium incentive

Improve your company image with customized shoes your company own design. Increase your team loyalty  and present them with a unique and premium gift. 


Present yourself with higher value, showcasing your company image at events, fairs or conferences. 
Many times you see at special events team fully dressed for the purpose while the shoes don’t match the full outfit. Enhance your company image with fully customized sneakers.


Custom footwear with Logo


Footwear Merchandise for festivals, clubs, sports teams. Increase fan and team spirit with specially made custom shoes.

Uniform: functionality & performance

We specialize in producing footwear using certified eco-friendly materials, conciliating the over 40 years experience of our shoe makers with modern manufacturing capabilities. Our shoes are much more than shoes with a logo.  
Comfort is key in our developments so the shoes can be used all day everyday.

perfectly crafted in portugal

Made in Portugal where sustainable company practices are taken in consideration and each person making your branded shoes are member of own local community.
Each shoe is handmade and finished to look perfect.

fully customizeD

The perfect custom merchandise must symbolize your company spirit. Our custom made procedure allow you to custom each part of the shoe. More than  a shoe with a logo is a fully custom branded fashion piece.

Custom with Different Colours
M411 Coloured. Branded Corporate Shoes

choose your colours and materials. We go non toxic, vegan & recycled

We specialize in developing shoes with eco-friendly materials. Not only our production is in europe  as use local made materials from Portugal, Italy and Spain.  Our custom branded corporate shoes are made with materials to last as your best pair of sneakers at home.

MadE witH european certified materials

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