Your Company logo on Adidas sneakers. Legal or not?

Around the internet is possible to find suppliers that can offer customized shoes produced by Adidas. However, there are some points you should be careful as buying or selling these sneakers may not be entirely legal. There are some issues to consider as trademark, intellectual property, licence and permission or copyright issues.


Intellectual Property

Adidas hold intellectual proprieties of their designs, products and logos. If you are selling or buying a modified shoe not authorized by Adidas, this can incur in legal issues. Furthermore, many times these Adidas shoes are bought in bulk in illegal secondary markets (not controlled by Adidas supply chain) as many other counterfeit products are. Is indeed very important to confirm with the supplier is has an authorization by Adidas to resell their shoes or even to confirm if these custom shoes are indeed originally made by Adidas.


Making customizations is a shoe even if very superficial can modify the structure of the shoes in way in won’t the same quality and longevity as the original shoe. Big brands as Adidas don’t want to be associated with low quality products that broke or assumed some kind of defect due a customization made by a third party. The great purpose of trademark separates your brand from the competitors, as a result any customization on the original product may alter the promised quality by Adidas brand.


For you as a buyer, you should protect yourself from potential licencing issues by checking with the seller for proof documentation by Adidas, as the brand does need to authorize every reseller of their original products. If the seller is not able to able to provide this proof. It may mean they do not have authorization by Adidas to resell their products. In this case you should avoid to make your custom branded company logo shoes with this seller.

Adidas closes their own customizing program

In 2019 Adidas closed its own customizing service. This may come out as a surprise, due the increasing demand on custom made products. Adidas made a statement mentioning the following: "We’ve made the strategic decision to close our custom footwear business, miadidas. We believe that the future of customization lies in co-creation, and we’re working diligently to offer a new experience for the consumer who wants to join in the creation of our products at a deeper level. Thank you for being a fan of miadidas, and we can promise an even better digital experience in the future."

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