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Manufacturing your Eco-Friendly Shoes

grow your sustainable shoe brand

Private label

You can easily start or grow your shoe collection with us. You can use our shoe designs and materials and make it with your own label.
This is the perfect option for who are on strict budget as they won’t need to develop and test prototypes and low minimum order quantities are requested. The period expected to have your own shoes with your own brand is 4 to 6 weeks.

why private label Shoe manufacturing?

Private label is an exceptional way to make difference among your competitors. It offers you and your products a sense of exclusivity and creates loyalty in the customer. This option allows to share the image, values and branding awareness you desire. 
We make shoe manufacturing easy for everyone, if you opt to grow your brand by using in-house already developed models will allow you to save time, development costs and if you are just starting doing it with low MOQs.

Develop your own eco-friendly custom made shoe line

If you have  new ideas in mind and we would like us to help in developing your designs we have a team ready to guide you in this process and always with a green future in our minds.
High-end quality manufacture for footwear for functionality  and performance. 

made in portugal

Our manufacturing is in Portugal where European  quality and safety standards are met. Additionally,  our shoes can be tested in the portuguese shoe tech lab where we assure they are resistant and meet longevity requirements – we believe in #testbehindsuccess.

shoe factory stitching

Sustainable & Recycled materials

We have our focus in sustainability. We carefully source and select sustainable and non animal materials to make shoes. The main material we use in our shoes is cork leather. Sourced in Portugal, cork is a reliable and sustainable alternative to premium animal leather. Other options of ecologic and vegan materials to be used are:

-Cactus Leather by Desserto®
-Organic Cotton

We are committed to innovate and represent a positive step in the world of footwear industry. 

Recycled shoe soles

We innovate in every part of the shoe. More recently we started to incorporate recycled materials on our shoes soles: recycled cork stoppers, rubber from used tires, waste plastics or coffee grounds reused from coffee waste.

Cactus Leather

The mexican Cactus Leather won the prize for the green product award.  Distinguished by it’s low environmental footprint, softness, color and touch. Feels and looks like leather but is animal friendly, ecologic and looks great on shoes!  

Cactus leather shoes green colour

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Get access to our in-house catalog. Samples available for order to start testing your new shoe line 

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