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1.Inspired by a shoemaking community

At Treec we inspire conscious fashion using using cork as main material for shoe creations.

“It all started in S.João da Madeira, a small town near Porto, north of Portugal, worldwide recognized to be home of top quality shoe making. Me and my brother Filipe inherited all the shoemaking knowledge and interest of our community – but we wanted to do it slighty different” – R.Silva Treec (co-founder)

2. Do different. Why and how?

Why? We want to cause impact so we decided it was time to build a better future for us and our people. How? We know how to make shoes, so we started crafting footwear made with the help of our local community members and using sustainable materials with signature “made in Portugal.

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happy manufacturing

Made in Portugal in a work environment where the highest standards are met and fair wages are paid. We recruit local members to be part of our team and we assume our compromise for a future with a sustainable development.

Eco SOles By Treec - 30% made from recycled materials

Your shoes should mean more than just a fashion accessory. It represents the hard work of individuals who work 9.5h a day to give you confort and style to your every day life. We believe in transparency & fair trade sourcing – all of our materials are sourced in Portugal  and manufactured by Ana, Monica, Manuel… they all have a purpose, what about yourself?

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