Private label | How can I brand my shoes?

Manufacturing your Eco-Friendly Shoes


Private label shoes is  an easy way to start your brand the fastest way. No time lost with prototyping, disagreements and disappointment  with manufacturers can be avoided. We already did the most of the job for you. Now it is time for you to decide how you want to brand the shoes. The choice is up to you.

Private Label Treec Detail

Heat transfer

Fast & easy, heat transfer placed in the insole is a common way to get your own brand in pair of shoes.  This option is used in most of branded shoes worldwide and gets better attention when the product is being sold in a brick and mortar retail space. Why? When trying the product the person will look and fix their attention to the particular detail of the name/logo of the brand placed inside.  Furthermore, after the purchase the user every time that will wear the shoes will look and retain in his/her memory the brand – building brand loyalty.
When private labeling Treec shoes, this option is available. 

The Treec Brass button

Loved by our partners and labeling signature of Treec is a touch of class in a pair of shoes. This label is placed in the early phase of the shoe manufacturing – with a special tool  the brass is attached to the upper and lining.
It is common to ask us if this tag hurts the foot on the inside. The answer is no, as the part where the brass is attached stays between the upper material and the lining. 

Private label with label shoe in show tongue

Label in shoe tongue

Commonly used in casual & urban market oriented shoes, stitch a label in tongue of the shoes is a very popular option. Treec has several vegan label options to be stitched to the shoe. 


Young, juvenile, rebel – stitching your logo or any other element on the shoe can be what makes your brand apart of the others. Very popular since the 2010’s. As a tip you can use the same model and apply the logo in several colours creating a powerful collection with just one single model.

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