Wholesale guide 🚚

Understand how easy is to order with us. If you have any questions we are always here to help.

method A

1. Register for wholesale account;
2. Now you can see wholesale prices:
a. Please note if this is the first time you buy with us you must order at least 15pairs per model and color;
3. Inquire us about the order you wish to make.

method B

1. Request quote specifying the products you would like to order; 

2. You can request the products without Treec brand or with your brand (minimum quantities may apply)

3. We will contact you and reach with quote and payment details.

private label | new designs?

Everything you need to get started. Our team will guide you through the steps of building a successful sustainable footwear brand.

How long does it take to prepare my order?

In case we do not have the products you ordered in stock it usually takes round 4 weeks to have your order ready for shipping. This may change during periods as August month and Christmas period. 


how do we ship your shoes?

1. We ship with two mainly couriers FEDEX and GLS. We trust in this operators to deliver your orders fast and safe – once shipping is on its way is not expected to take more than 2 weeks to arrive to its final destination.

2. Please note when we ship your wholesale orders the shoes will not be packed in their treec shoe boxes. Boxes are sent ready to be mounted by you. Why we do this? We want to provide you the best value for money you can get. This method will allow to save big amounts in shipping services. If you want a different packaging/shipping method please contact us.

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