Shoe factories. Why most still don’t work with eco-friendly and vegan materials?

It is a fact: most footwear factories still avoid to make vegan shoes. This might sound weird, as consumer more and more try to make sustainable choices and brands are looking to adapt their product to satisfy this demand. However, brands face a real challenge when it comes to find a shoe factory to manufacturer good quality eco-friendly shoes. It is quite challenge, so imagine if big brand face this issue, can you imagine how small or medium size brands face this (maybe you are already in this position).  So first challenge find a good quality shoe factory.

Europe. The obvious choice

When it comes to find a good shoe manufacturer Europe must be in your mind. Italy, Portugal and Spain are the places definitely to look at. From these three Portugal, is the one I would like to highlight the most: Premium quality footwear manufacturing at a competitive price. What about shoe factories able to work with eco-friendly materials, can you find these easily in Portugal.

Eco-Friendly Shoe manufacturing Portugal

Isn’t that easy. Many shoe factories still avoid to work with sustainable materials instead of animal leather. The main reason behind this is inexperience and aversion to take risks. The truth is work with animal leather and vegan material is way to different. The calibration of footwear machines or the handwork must be adapted to a completely new setting definition. This would make the job of the shoe factory harder, meaning they will lose more time and consequently have more costs. Together with this, most shoe factories have a long life, so imagine tell the owner of a shoe factory with his 85 years old that the materials he has worked the all life no more are demanded – this is something difficult to change.

Treec footwear is experienced in manufacturing eco-friendly shoes

Proudly since our start, we looked to make shoe the right way. No animal harm and try find solutions to make shoes in the most eco-friendly way possible. This path isn’t easy and  is still in progress. But we can proudly say, we are now experienced in developing eco-friendly shoe collections, having worked with a variety of premium eco-friendly materials as cactus leather, cork or certified non toxic synthetics – if you are looking for a shoe factory, Treec Footwear is the perfect partner for private label eco-friendly collections.