Shoe manufacturers in Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain

Shoe manufacturer can be defined as someone or some entity who is able to make shoes. Shoe manufacturers can be hard to find as is quite old skill and industry.  Additionally, the machinery, handwork and the different components of the shoe make it a very complex art.

China and Vietname are the main “shoe factories” of the World. In America Brazil also represent a significant role, while in Europe Italy, Portugal and Spain rule the continent.  In respect to quality European manufacturer are recognized by offering the best quality you can buy. The difference can be noted on the hand skill where the shoe making tradition is often passed generation trough generation and also on the quality of the materials used where the transformation the fabrics or leather must always obey to good quality standards.

Shoe manufacturers in Italy

The country of Italy is worldwide recognized by manufacturing premium to luxury shoes. The price usually mirrors that observation and Italy can be proud to be the county in the World that can export shoe with higher price tag.

Italy and fashion walk hand to hand. Home of a big number of luxury brands, Italy places itself as the place that combines fashion with luxury. The footwear is no exception and the country and its shoemakers are well positioned to be able export shoes at very good margin price. Do not get me wrong, the quality is usually there. However, we will se now the case of Portugal and Spain where quality is also there but can offer more competitive pricing.

Shoe manufacturing in Portugal

There are two main regions of Portugal where footwear manufacturing runs in inhabitants veins: Felgueiras and São João da Madeira. Both of them are recognized for great quality of shoe manufacturing and in the past few year part of these factories have been working and developing to present more eco-friendly alternatives to their consumers and for this reason we can consider the best place in Europe for small brands to work and collaborate to develop eco-friendly footwear brands. Usually manufacturers in Portugal are able to offer smaller minimum order quantities than Spain or Italy while the price per shoe is usually much more competitive than Italy without compromising on quality.

Shoe manufacturing in Spain

Make shoes in Spain is also a very interesting choice. Spain is specially recognized for easy to hear type of shoes: espadrilles or sandals is what makes the Spanish manufacturing a very interesting place. Spanish market can also be better competitive on pricing compared with Italy while the quality can be sometime a bit lower compares with the above two countries – however, can be sometimes just a different market. Spain also establish itself by the quantity and quality of eco-friendly fabric suppliers available that usually can be found in the region of Elche.

Do these countries shoe factories work with private label collections

While many of the shoe factories have their own exclusive shoe models and brands, they also develop and create collection so brands can use these to place their own brand. Private labeling has been a profitable and useful solution for both brands and factories as it reduced time spending on developing and testing .
However, find a shoe factory can be many times very hard as a very traditional industries shoe manufacturers tend to be reluctant in working with clients they never worked before. The reason is: new clients usually bring many challengers with guarantee these new client will ever establish itself a profitable and medium-big business.
At Treec we are happy to work with small brands to establish themselves in the market and that’s the reason we are able to provide private label footwear solutions that can be adapted no matter the size of your company.