Cactus Leather Shoes by Treec

In a context we are fighting for more eco-friendly solutions for the way we live, eat or dress.  Something needs to change and the fashion industry is one of most responsible for difficult challenge we have in front of us.
At Treec, we you may already know, we specialise in manufacturing top quality shoes made in and ethically responsible way. It’s our goal give a special contributing to develop a fashion industry that can still innovate causing minimal harm to the environment and protecting the life on every living  being.
In order to develop our creations we are happy to partner with some of the best components suppliers in the industry. As is the case of Desserto®, producer of the Vegan Cactus Leather, a precious “leather” obtained from the Nopal cactus plant.  

Testing the Cactus Leather in Shoes

For the past few months we have been the testing the Cactus Leather to understand the best way to make shoes with it. Plant based materials have different proprieties comparing to most common materials used for footwear production, as the way it stretches with or the way it flexes with our tools. Experience and  testing are key words in having a well made shoe that can last for years. The Cactus leather have been a good and positive challenge as we are now able to make footwear with this previous material, noting there is only one challenge we weren’t able to overcome – the toe part of the shoe cannot be made with cactus leather. The reason is still to be concluded, but we believe might be related with the behaviour of material in regards to warmer temperatures we need to apply in constructing the shoes.

the Cactus Leather Shoes By Treec

Very recently we were happy to announce a few models with the Nopal leather. Green and white were our preferred colours and the results speak for themselves. Classy sneaker for everyday use crafted with the best expertise:


Green Cactus Leather Shoes Vera Cruz
Green Cactus Leather Shoes Vera Cruz
Backpart of green cactus leather shoes by Treec
Backpart of green cactus leather shoes by Treec
BackPart White Cactus Leather Shoes

Private Label Manufacturing Cactus Leather Shoes

You can now take advantage of our testing and experience in using the new material.  Our good experience with this plant based material, can grant us the confidence to provide  a product that is tested to last and to performance. From the Vera Cruz model to the Condor model is time for you to grant the best eco-friendly footwear innovations to your clients.