Custom Shoes for your Uniform

Fully customized branded shoes for your business uniform.

Workear uniforms

We specialize in producing footwear using certified eco-friendly materials, conciliating the over 40 years experience of our shoe makers with modern manufacturing capabilities. A custom branded shoe complements your team outfit while boosts your branding image and recognition. Our shoes are much more than shoes with a logo.   Comfort is key in our developments so the shoes can be used all day everyday

Special Events and trade shows

Does your sales team already have a custom made uniform for special events and tradeshows but still missing on shoes? It's time to unify the full outfit while give the best comfort for your team with special made custom made business shoes

Uniform shoes: from only 15 pairs

Ready to boost your team image? Your team visual should be well cared from the top till the very bottom.  A custom uniform either for work  or for a special event or tradeshow  is a unique way  to improve your brand image, unify your team visual while creating a more recognizable branding image.
Starting at only 15  pairs at Treec Footwear we are happy to create a solution  for a problem we commonly  see on uniforms. Very often we see staff using  a full outfit branded and fully unified  in their team while the shoes are often forgotten. This does affect your uniform and at the end or branding image as a whole!

“branding and comfort define your business shoes”

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comfort is key

Our custom shoes uniform development department specialize in manufacturing shoes with businesses branding while giving the best comfort with padded insoles with cushion and arch support techonology.

Shoes with company logo insole

Design is key

A custom made uniform can’t be fully complete with modern footwear adapted with your own branding. Treec Footwear develop modern styles that adapt to the daily work life, either to use every single day at work or for special events as trade shoes or marketing activation  events.

Custom Logo Business Shoes M405

branding is key

We work together to the bring the best customizing experience to our customer so they can fulfil every branding expectation. We do much more than a shoe with a logo.  You custom shoes for your uniform can customized piece by piece with different colours and branding slogans can be placed in almost every part of the shoe.

P302Inf company logo shoes 10801080

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Custom made uniform shoes with company logo

Uniform shoes are footwear pieces to use while working or to use in special events (as tradeshows) that must match the remaining work outfit, while giving the best comfort and possible to the user, as he/she will most likely use it many hours during a day.

Many type of shoes can work for a work uniform. It all depends of the main purpose the shoe is used. If you are looking for shoes for construction workers for example will be security and certification elements a shoe must have to fit the purpose. While for example for hotel worker, a well designed and minimal sneaker can work very well to a more relaxed and welcome hotel staff.
We have been approached by clients that want to get away from the boring black formal black shoe. Yes, it’s true an oxford or derby shoes can fit well in almost any service related company outfit, but does it really promote the best brand recognition and company spirit within the team? We don’t think so.  For this reason Treec Footwear can offer shoes made for the modern world, that can be customized to perfectly fit in you work uniform.

Working together to build your uniform shoe

Treec Footwear help clients to outstand with their uniform outfit. Every time we receive a request from a client we work together to the bring the best customizing experience to our customer so they can fulfil every branding expectation.
Fully branded company shoes improve your brand recognition and your client experience as a whole. We often may think our clients at tradeshows won’t pay attention of what we are wearing on our feet. This a wrong concept, as people love shoes and tend to be recognized as the number 1 favourite clothing piece and often we compare our shoes with the remaining people around us.
It’s imperative to unify, present a consistent and professional image at every details of our image, as this may be a critical detail in leaving a good image with a client.

The case of Century 21 uniform shoes.

Century 21 staff can now better sell houses with their new custom branded company shoes. They opted for Treec style P302, a slick and always fashionable sneaker model.
When we first received the contact from their team we were challenged to  present a digital visual that would match well their current uniform.
We opted to purpose an overall white sneaker with a few details in almond colour that well matched the company’s branding.  We suggested to place their logo on the shoe in three different parts of the shoe: tongue label, side panel and back heel.  The technique chosen to brand the shoes was embroidery for the three logos.
We also worked together to select the best lining of the shoe so it could breathable, soft to the foot while matching the remaining branding in the shoe. So it was opted that the colour of the lining would be the same as the colour of the upper exterior details on the shoe.