Product Quality Warranty

certified quality

cork mark® certified

Cork is not always the amazing material some dealers try to sell. Exactly like leathers you can find very different qualities of this material.  We proudly certify the cork used in our shoes with the symbol Cork Mark®. This certification attests its quality & genuineness so customers can have trust in what they buy.

Tested to the limits in shoe labs

All of our shoes are tested to the limits in  the Portuguese Shoe Tech Center of S. João da Madeira. Performing this tests guarantees we provide our customers a product they can trust and will meet high standards of confort and durability .

We perform the following tests in our shoes: 

-Abrasion Tests;
– Tear Tests.


Portuguese Shoe Tech Center Image Source: Facebook/CCTP 

imagine 2020 / limited collection

Our collections are limited to a small number of shoes so we can assure high quality standards are met. Variety does not meet greatness and we prefer greatness, are you with us?

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