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Manufacturing your Eco-Friendly Shoes

Your shoe factory partner combining experience & Sustainability

Footwear Manufacturing designed for small to big sized brands

Treec Footwear allows you to work with a experienced shoe factory where shoe makers have more than 40 years of experience. Our structure allows is to work from small brands looking to produce only 15 pairs per model  to big sized companies looking to produce thousands per production.
Our focus is on sustainability and with the progress of the year the factory have developed expertise and experience in working with vegan, recycled  and other eco-friendly materials.
Additionally we make your life easier by helping you choosing and producing the right components for your brand.

A Shoe factory for casual european modernity

In our pre-developed models you can find a fine selections of models adapted to the urban living. Classic styles adapted to the European modernity and premium eco-friendly materials. You are able adapt our styles to your liking and sell to your clients your own shoe brand.


Sandals shoe factory

A shoe factory for summer styles where comfort is key

Summer designs where comfort is key. The secret as a shoe factory is selecting the right components will allow your customer to walk on clouds. An example of this components are Treec cork/latex footbeds sustainably made to last to time and enjoy the best comfort.

A shoe factory for your ideas

If you have one idea for a new development, we can guide you on the best way to give you idea life. The path for developing a new model can be hard and our shoe factory experience will be more than welcomed by you to assist you this process. 

shoe factory stitching

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