Eco-friendly Shoe Soles

by treec

An eye into to the future

We are footwear enthusiasts

We are creative, modern and sustainable concerned.  The Treec soles represent innovation with an eye into a positive future.


We offer reliable and innovation solutions for footwear. All of our soles meet the standards of the Portuguese Footwear Tech Center.  Our creativity has no limits and we want to help you on this ride.

soles made with cork

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Aware of the impact of the footwear industry in our environment we focus on eco-friendly shoe soles. Together with valuable members of the portuguese footwear industry we have developed soles that help to reduce the footwear production impact in our eco system. By incoporating recycling materials in our soles we reduce by 40% the use of rubber.

We recycle cork stoppers...

...ANd reuse them in our soles

We recycle coffee waste...

...ANd reuse them in our soles

We recycle Plastic from the oceans...

...ANd reuse them in our soles

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Made with care in Portuga, our unique Eco-friendly soles are here to revolutionize the way we wear our shoes . Our pure innovations follow every regulations, rules and guidelines of the Portuguese Footwear Technology Centre.