Cork Purses Vs Cork Shoes - Which one you should sell?

In a business point of view you always look for products you neighbors shops won’t have and at the same time grab the attention of your street shoppers. It is hard to find best great best sellers and not not have your competitors selling exactly the same stuff you offer. Is necessary think out of the box,   you need to stand out among your competitors. 
In the past few years the demand and supply of cork accessories have increased big time – and now a big number of manufacturers, artisans, and retailers are betting in cork handbags, coin purses,  earrings, belts, wallets – so the competition is getting bigger and the uniqueness is getting hard to find. 
In January of 2020 we conducted a study among 20 cork specialized shops and the owners mentioned that recently starting to change their product portofolio by betting less in cork bags and small accessories by starting to increase the offer in shoes made of cork. 

The raise of cork bags in Portugal

Portugal is the world’s biggest exporter of cork in the world. Around 80% of the cork stoppers you see in wine bottles have their origin in Portugal  – making the country the reference when topic is cork. 
While most of the people associates cork as the wine stopper for a long time is has been used for numerous purposes: sound and thermal insulator (NASA uses cork in their space missions), flooring, kitchen ware ,  shoe footbeds, or even to stick our photos in cork board on the wall. 
Because cork is such a versatile material, textil manufacturers in Portugal started to test, develop and incorporate in their  accessories designs made with cork. The result was a big success, and cork bags and other small accessories  started gradually appear in Portuguese retail shops.
With the increase of tourism, and as cork is such a unique and a a symbol of Portugal  many retailers started to fill their shop stock with cork bags, wallets, or other accessories. The problem started when at a certain point the retailers  felt they cannot difere from the next neighbor shop as he is offering exactly or very similar cork bags.

Cork Bags

Cork SHoes