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At treec we are driven by sustainability, working hard to deliver surprising shoes that will benefit your style and get you connected with the best nature and shoe technology has to offer.
Since 2018 we have been working to offer a sustainable shoe sole that could perfectly match with the beauty and wonderful non cruel proprieties of cork. After some digging about we could achieve this goal, something had our attention: millions of tons of coffee waste are produced every year!

A major environment problem

That’s right! Coffee, the amazing drink that transcends geographical, political even religious boundaries. The world population drinks over 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day, the consumption of this drink is just crazy. But there is a dark side of this consumption: Coffee grounds are the dregs remaining after brewing coffee their adequate disposal constitutes a major environmental problem.

At treec we have found coffee husks being used as fertilizers, repair furniture and even for health and beauty products as they make a great exfoliating scrub and the caffeine in the grounds actually stimulates skin cells, which can produce tighter, healthier skin. We also have found a portuguese sole manufacturer was driving studies to implement a new technology where coffee waste could be mixed injected with rubber in order to produce solid shoe soles for everyday use. We decided to start an alliance with this sole manufacturer and started collecting coffee waste from coffee shops and coffee manufacturers and get ready our raw materials.

The cofsoles by Treec

After over a year of development we achieved solid results of sole performance and we end up with beautiful, resistant and nice coffee smelling soles that we could finally test them with our shoe models – we called them the cofsoles. The results we are just amazing. Treec have at the moment two casual style models where this coffee sole was incorporated and they are a big hit. This is a proudly step taken by us as we continue are pursuit to achieve great looking sustainable shoes. We won’t stop our work here and we hope you join the ride!

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