The Cork Mark Certificate


Nowadays we see several entities and certifications can prove certain qualities and characteristics in a product. These entities can certificate whether a product was actually produced in a particular country, whether it has products of no animal origin or if it is environmentally sustainable among many others.

At Treec, as we already know, cork is the key element, 80% of our shoes are made from cork. A sustainable material, with unique natural properties.  To reduce prices, there are low-cost synthetic imitations of natural cork and although they look like the natural, their properties are quite different and much less advantageous.

How Cork Mark® was born

In 2011, cork producers defended the creation of a certificate to prove the authenticity of their products to face the constant growth in the sale of low cost synthetic cork. In order to defend the interests of the consumer, an action was taken to create a certificate to prove that the material that these producers sold was indeed authentic.

The Confédération Européene du Liège (C.E.Liège), in partnership with the European Forestry Commission, created this “label” of excellence of a 100% natural raw material.  And is largely recognized by being the only certificate can prove the authenticity of the cork.

The only certificate that proves the authenticity of cork

Although there are other certificates that prove the sustainability of cork this is the only one that proves that it is a raw and natural material – and in this way give confidence that it has all the positive characteristics inherent to cork as permeability, great resistance to tearing, hypoallergenic, light, soft or the ability to adapt to heat or cold.

Therefore, if you sell shoes or products made of cork, you should pay attention to the presence or absence of this certificate. In this way, you will be on the right path to guarantee security of purchase for yourself and your customers, generating a relationship of trust that you expect from each other.

At Treec we bet on quality, reliability and transparency. We proudly test and bet in a certified materials that can give all the guarantees  and reliability to us and the final customers .


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  1. Thanks, that really helps to make the right choice when buying awesome cork products! I’m waiting patiently to buy cork shoes on line from Treec.
    Naomi in Tornada Portugal

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