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Now you can have a fully customized shoes for your special project. Customized shoes with your logo and your company image can be perfect choices to enhance your image and improve the company status.

Customized shoes for events?

Trade fairs, congresses or exhibitions are usually key moments for one company image. It is important to pass a great company image and standout from the direct competition.
Ever wonder what would the perfect shoes for a exhibition or trade fair? Well, no more you need to worry about this as you can now incorporate the full company image right from your own feet.
I bet at this time you may already have special company merchandise as t-shirts or polos that your company uses for special events, but I bet shoes have always been a kind of a problem – but not anymore.

Customized shoes as staff gift?

Key chains or pens are a thing of the past when staff gift is a topic. I can bet 100% if you give your employees something so ordinary as the objects mentioned above is not event worth to spend this money as the staff simply will not care.
Among the gifts for employees shoes are still one of the rare objects companies give. Th reason behind this promotional product companies rarely can offer this as you can’t customize shoes without being in bulk. However, with Treec Footwear as a specialized shoe company you can have branded shoes starting at only 15 pairs.

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Customized shoes for uniforms?

Schools: Forget the black ugly shoes for school uniforms as you can have the students have proud if their scho0ol with a nice pair of juvenile sneakers.
Transport companies: Express carrier drivers with dirty and ugly shoes can be now a thing of the past. With customized shoes with own company logo and colours, you show a consistent image from every point of you client service
Hospitality: Image is everything. Show that you care about the image of your staff and provide a full branded dressing image. One of the main points people evaluate the look of one person is on the way you wear your shoes.

Starting from only 15 pairs, directly from a specialized shoe company

Treec Footwear specialized in developing shoes for eco-fashion shoe brands. We understand the importance of conciliating a good looking shoe with comfort, durability and good performance. Cut the promotional company intermediary and get in touch now with us to present your project.

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