Why cork shoes are a good bet for your business?

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The conscious consumer

We know that we live in a time of great uncertainty. The pandemic has turned our life around for almost all of us. You don’t know what the future of your business will be, your job, you don’t know what future we bring you. You, a fashion lover, have already noticed something: the consumer is changing, buying consciously, buying with a sense of value, buying knowing that his/her purchase will have an impact. Am I contributing to the increase in pollution? Is an animal’s life directly affected by my choices? Should I buy more for less or less for better? These are common questions that even unconsciously your customer will ask him/herself.

The vegan / natural reality

We can see the demand for products of non-animal or organic origin has an increasing growth: the proof? When you visit a supermarket you must have noticed that the area of product with natural origin is increasingly larger in relation to the past. The consumption of natural products is no longer a trend, it is a reality – this reality is already reflected in our purchases, even if sometimes unconsciously. We want to choose to behave differently, we want to continue to feel beautiful but at the same time make good choices for ourselves and the others. We are looking for ethical sustainable, positive fashion.
On the opposite side, leather fashion is increasingly going down in demand. For years and years animal leather was a symbol of quality, wealth and avant-garde. Today, in addition to a market saturated with numerous brands of leather shoes, it is increasingly difficult for a store to distinguish itself from the competence. Treec shoes represent this desire to change, this desire to buy well, better and feel authentic.

Look for Authenticity

How many of you have seen cork shoes being sold at a local store or on the internet? How many stores can you name? Now I ask the same question regarding bags or other cork accessories?
Undoubtedly within the cork fashion world, footwear is the most difficult product to find. The reason? Making a good shoe requires experience, specialization, the search and choice of materials is harder and must be more careful. That is why at Treec we have qualified workers and extensive experience in the footwear industry.

From a business point of view, whether it is sold in a physical store, online, or both, if you have a business related to cork, a big bet should be placed on footwear. According from feedback obtained from our partner shops in Portugal, with no question it is the fashion product that most surprises and attracts customers – they look good, authentic, sustainable, and rare to find. This what Treec shoes collection can give to you and your business: singularity, rareness and differentiation.

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